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7 Things to Look Out For When You Look for a Denim Fabric Supplier

If you are a company that uses denim fabrics as raw materials, finding a good denim fabric supplier that you can work with over the long term is possibly one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. And this cannot be a trial and error decision either, because, in business, trials cost money.

But when you are on the lookout for a good and reliable denim fabric supplier, you can definitely mitigate some of the risks of trying a new supplier by following the 7 pointers given below. By going through the 7ipoint process of finding a new denim supplier for your business’s denim raw material needs, you halve your risks of making a bad call that will affect your bottom line.

Here are the 7 things to look out for when looking for a denim fabric supplier, just so you have the best chances of getting it right the very first time.

1) Look at the company

Is the company you are looking at, new? Or is it old enough to have an established and stable business with an existing list of clients? Of course,  giving an opportunity to a new denim supplier is a good thing, but it is laden with risks. New businesses can go down suddenly, they can experience shortages, experience the pitfalls of inexperienced management, and muddle up both deliveries or delivery timelines or both.

So look for a stable company with a list of existing and happy clients. Lower your risk of troublesome deliveries.

2) Check multiple sources for reviews

Don’t just trust websites. A company’s website is the company’s online real estate. They choose how to populate it and it is usually with content and projects them in the best light. Don’t just trust their website. Make physical visits to their plants or factories, check online or social media reviews, contact a client that they claim to be yours and ask for first-hand reviews.

Sometimes the most real reviews are found after a thorough search, and not on review sites.

3) Ask for denim swatches

If you are looking for specific denim fabrics the ask the supplier to send you some sample swatches. Whether it is printed denim or denim in a particular shade, almost all denim suppliers gladly provide you with free sample swatches that you can check and test to your satisfaction.

Most denim material manufacturers have multiple types of denim products on offer. So be sure to go over their entire product range before arranging for the swatches, unless you have a custom design in mind anyway.

4) Check the fabric on all factors

Don’t just go by the look of the swatches you get. If you must do so, go ahead and pay for a larger sample so you can test it out properly. After all, your final product needs to be strong and durable but it also needs to be comfortable and not scratchy. Test the sample’s durability too. Jeans or denim fabrics are known for their rugged durability, so testing the fabric on that count helps to check whether the fabric is good and the supplier is genuine. This is especially prudent if you are looking to contract a denim supplier that’s geographically distant from where your business is.

5) Do your research thoroughly

Don’t just go for the first denim fabric supplier you find to be half decent. To find the best denim fabric supplier, you should first have a pool of choices to choose from. This way, you can compare and contrast the benefits and risks of each of them and evaluate your choices before you place an order with one.

More often than not, it is not the cheapest supplier that wins the race, but the supplier who can readily meet all your demands and requirements is the one who does.

6) Look at the manufacturer’s capacity

While choosing denim manufacturers, ensure that you are well aware of their scale and capacity. Sooner or later, as your business grows, you will have larger demands for your suppliers. There is thus no point in choosing someone small now, only to be stuck with the problem of finding another one when your own demand for denim raw materials grows.

Also look at any areas that may be outsourced by the manufacturer, such as the use of external testing labs for example. Ensuring that the entire end-to-end process of denim manufacturing is done on the manufacturer’s premises and not outsourced and also help to mitigate the risks related to third-party delays.

7) Check ancillary factors

The textiles industry is notoriously environmentally damaging. So if you plan on positioning your own products or sustainable or environmentally friendly, you have the onus to ensure that your raw materials are too. So look at the production methodologies of the denim suppliers you have shortlisted. If you have two similar choices, be sure to pick the more environmentally conscious one. You can never go wrong there. After all, we all just have one planet to live on.

Other things you can check when looking to pick a reliable denim fabric manufacturer and supplier for your business are:

  1. Geographical location and its proximity to your location
  2. History of meeting client demands and market reputation
  3. Management of the company in question and their experience or expertise in textiles
  4. Mode of transport, as in how do they ship the consignment
  5. Contractual terms and their favourability or lack thereof
  6. Whether the management is open to negotiations on price, quality, quantity and more
  7. Insurance and other ancillary business solutions for such demand and supply relationships
  8. Fallback options in case of faulty or untimely delivery

Indotex Denims checks all of the boxes when it comes to being viewed as a good and reliable denim supplier for clothing businesses and brands worldwide. Get in touch today to know more.

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