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The Denim Disrupter

R&D in Denim Manufacturing

At Indotex, we call ourselves the denim disrupters. Our discovery and innovations, or in short, our R&D game is strong. Indotex thrives on the culture of innovation as a policy and we stay on top of denim trends to ensure it.

You can leverage our denim creativity by having us make your denim fabrics as we offer design-to-delivery services in one smooth, seamless offer. Our specialized teams love to sit with clients and understand their specific denim requirements. They then get to work according to client specifications and create custom denim designs that have never been seen before, because of course, they’re yours.

So whether you’re a clothing brand with an idea or an apparel manufacturer with a specific global requirement, our product innovators at Indotex are ready to take you on and deliver exactly what you need the way you envisioned it.

Don’t take out word for it. Schedule a consultation today. Our very talented, fashion-savvy team will even walk you through the actual design process and show you the software tools of the trade.

Up-styled Denim Manufacturing

Indotex has upgraded denim manufacturing methodologies that we like to call, up-styled.

Innovative, fashion-forward designs are just half the battle won and we want to take you all the way. So this is where our denim manufacturing capabilities get the spotlight they deserve.

As a top denim manufacturer in India, Indotex is already set up for large scale production through the use of related equipment and technologies. And no matter how innovative your design is, we can mass produce it by leveraging our huge capacity, extensive denim variety and cost-effective processes.

What we offer you is value. By mass-producing your design and capitalizing on big economies of scale, you can get an attractive, fashion-forward product at unbelievably competitive pricing.

And whether you pick an existing denim variety from our product catalog, or go for something new, you get the same benefits of our 6-point quality inspection system. Isn’t that a game-changer?

We invite you to experience the power of our huge capacity. We currently have a dyeing capacity of 15 million meters per annum, a weaving capacity of 13 million meters per annum and a finishing capacity of 16 million meters per annum, and growing each year from strength to strength.

Here's how we do it...


Our physical fabric lab is equipped with all kinds of testing equipment, such as tensile and tear testing equipment based on ISO and ASTM lab methods, yarn strength testing instruments, yarn stage contamination monitoring machines and 100-percent export-based testers for colour, water and crock fastness.


Then there is the dyeing lab specifically for testing the indigo-based parameters in denim, like PH, Redox and indigo shade checks. These ensure that we catch shade inconsistencies and correct them on time. This way, we can deliver one consistent shade throughout your order set


In our chemical lab, you’ll find top-range functional testing equipment for inward chemicals and dyes.


We then have a washing lab where we develop various types of denim  washes for customer presentations. We are equipped to handle all kinds of denim washes, like enzyme washes, medium and heavy stone enzyme washes, etc. in addition to things like overdyeing, tinting, bleaching, towel washing, etc. We stay up-to-date on newer washes in the local and international markets and stand ready to service all kinds of customer requirements, including for brands and exports.

Denim USPs

Whatever the denim needs are, Indotex is assuredly the best denim fabric supplier. We cater to our clients requirements whether they are large or small. We offer fabrics that meet your specifications regarding colour and fabric type. 

We even offer custom denim fabrics such as custom-designed printed denim. Reach out today so we can discuss the needs. Our people work with our clients to understand the requirements before offering low-cost custom solutions of the highest quality, sustainable denim fabrics.

In our 50 years, we’ve grown to over 500 trade partners and have over 70 denim fabric products. These lay testimony to the fact that we’re special.

Mass Production

In the 50 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve built up our production capabilities from the ground up. Today, Indotex Exports is a leading denim fabric manufacturer and supplier, thanks to a production capacity of 15 million meters per annum in dyeing, 11 million meters per annum in weaving, and 16 million meters per annum in finishing. All this on the back of 100 high-speed weaving looms, sheet dyeing machines and modern finishing machines all put together in a large, state-of-art facility.

And it is not just the equipment, our streamlined production methodologies are speedy and sustainable. We pay special attention to things like zero water wastage. All of this helps us produce more, produce faster and produce more efficiently. This large scale of production helps us leverage economies of scale thus lowering our costs. And since at Indotex we believe in profiting together, we pass some of our cost savings on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

Awards and Certification

We have so much to brag about, but sustainability and social consciousness are what we are especially proud of. We ensure that every denim product that holds our name tag is eco-friendly and sustainable. And to ensure this, we dig deep and procure our yarn from trusted spinners who are also known for their environmental initiatives.

During our production process, we ensure that we reuse and recycle water with reverse osmosis and evaporation. Today we can proudly claim zero water wastage. The same goes for our capacity utilization and human resource utilization. We maintain efficiency through optimal use.

And then there are chemicals, the ones that give a bad rep to almost every textile vertical. The chemicals we use are of the best grades, and that ensures that we have all our certificates in place for the eco-friendly fabric we manufacture and use. The ISO2015 certification and other textile industry certifications and awards such as ZED, GOTS, GRS, RCS, OCS etc. lay credence to our claims.

So yes, we’ve earned the right to brag about our products, their sustainability and their quality. And we will ensure that we continue to improve even as we discover and innovate with new denim products in the future.

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