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Sustainable Textiles as a Commitment

The entire textiles industry around the world is waking up to its environmental impact and making effective changes to mitigate it. Indotex Exports is not different. Right from responsible sourcing to the final output, Indotex uses an active social conscience to deliver sustainable textiles, namely denim.

The ethos of sustainability first has now become a way of life for us, since we have incorporated it in every step of our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution process through conscious decision-making that lowers water consumption, lowers energy utilization and reduces pollutants and waste.

Our brag-worthy success story is in the domain of water wastage. We have ensured that our water wastage from one end to the other of our production process is ZERO with the help of ZLD Plant! We use 6 hundred thousand litres of water each month, but with the use of reverse osmosis and evaporation, we utilize every drop.

Other best practices ensure that we have our other sustainability variables under control too. Our policy of using our operating machinery and human resources at full capacity ensures that we are more fuel-efficient and can squeeze the maximum output out of the energy we utilize. Lastly, one of the biggest hindrances to completely sustainable textiles is the use of polluting chemicals and dyes and the resultant waste thereof. At Indotex, we mitigate this by using high-quality chemicals and materials that deliver high performance with the least pollution.

Our efforts at the sustainability of our denim have been recognized through the multitude of awards and certifications we have accumulated over the years. We pride ourselves on getting the best grades like that proverbial preening top student in the class.

A Customer-First Quality Policy

Indotex denims come with a customer-centric quality policy, for our first and foremost aim is to satisfy customer need completely and fully without any compromises. We go about this in two ways. One is to understand the customer’s objectives and set strict quality benchmarks for each consignment; and two is to marry world-class technology with rigorous and robust quality controls and at several points during the process.

What’s more is that Indotex is equally committed to product and process quality improvements through the effective implementation of QMS, not just periodically but continually.

So, when it comes to excellence in sustainable textiles, Indotex aims to be the best, the leader in its class. The quality standards we implement at Indotex thus do not stop at any stage and continue even further in other related areas, such as in dyeing and printing of printed denim for example, or in superior quality sewing in products requiring them, etc.

With regards to the denim fabric that we label as client-ready, rest assured that every possible testing method recognised internationally has been used and applied, be it related to weight, width, fastness of colour, movement and tensile strength of the woven fabric, shrinkage and more. What you get as the final product has also been subjected to modern testing equipment that tests the fabric’s washing, spinning, dyeing, etc.

In the 50 odd years that we’ve been in business, we’ve learnt that not maintaining precision in quality is the one sin that cannot be undone. Hence, with our sustainable textiles, we never overlook it.

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