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What Challenges Brands Face When Working with Overseas Denim Manufacturers?


As brands grow, getting the sourcing equation right for the growing needs and larger demands becomes a necessity rather than a choice. But finding someone reliable when trying to pursue global sourcing is a time-consuming process riddled with several obstacles and oftentimes, unexpected hiccups.

Working with Overseas Denim Textile Manufacturer

Finding and working with an overseas denim manufacturer is really not just a decision of finding the right manufacturer through thorough research, placing the order and waiting for delivery. For inexperienced companies, selecting an overseas denim vendor involves several risk factors that need to be thoroughly assessed before making any long binding contractual decisions.

Challenges Western Brands Face in Working with Denim Manufacturers Overseas

There are some risks to working with an overseas denim manufacturer or supplier and you can read about them here (link to last month’s blog article on what could go wrong if you choose the wrong denim fabric supplier). But other than the usual risks, there are also some typical challenges faced by western brands when they look to work with overseas denim manufacturers typically in Asia.

To give an example, H&M faced a severe backlash in China when it aired its views on the Uighur, so much so that there was a massive boycott of the brand by the Chinese. This is in a way, cultural and political misappropriation, a misstep by the brand in question. This was a B2C scenario, but imagine the impact of such a backlash if H&M were relying on some Chinese suppliers and waiting for big consignments. Do you get the picture?

Other than that extreme case, of course, there are several other big and small challenges that western brands face when dealing with Asian denim manufacturers and exporters and they are:

1 Communication Problems and Language Barriers

Especially when dealing with Asian denim manufacturers, western brands face a language barrier when communicating. Even if the manufacturer and the western brand agree to deal in English, several miscommunications or understanding misalignment can occur, especially since English is a second language in most Asia countries. Not even because fashion terminology changes from country to country.

2 Work Culture and Negotiation

Different countries have different work cultures and layers of decision-making also differ. For example, in some countries, you may have to pay middlemen to reach the right denim suppliers. In yet others, negotiations and discussions may go through several layers, thus frustrating the western brand with the way things are progressing. This can lead to minor frictions while sealing deals.

3 Delayed deliveries

Asian countries are slightly more volatile than countries in Europe or the USA. Things happen here and fast. Geo-political events or just plain human errors and casualness can lead to delivery delays. Since the distance between the manufacturer and the importer is large, there could even be delays from the shipping and logistics side. Sadly, there is a big stereotype about textile manufacturers in countries with cheap labour and that’s the fact that delivery timelines offered by the exporters cannot be trusted.

4 Trade Blocs come into Play

The clothing and textile manufacturing industry is influenced by trading blocks such as ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations), NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and others. If your denim exporter is from a country outside of these blocks there could be additional export difficulties like logistic hassles, additional custom clearing requirements and sometimes more delays.

With Indotex You Will Not Face These Challenges

If you pick the right denim manufacturer (link to the earlier article on how to pick the right denim manufacturer/supplier) though, after thorough research, there is always a higher likelihood of your business transactions going smoothly without encountering any major problems like those listed above.

For example, if you pick Indotex Exports from India as your denim supplier and manufacturer, you will not face any of these issues because:

  • Indotex Export has been in business for over 5 decades and has been exporting to countries like South Korea, South Africa, the UK, the USA, Bangladesh, Turkey and others already. They already have export business experience.
  • Most business in Indian and indeed Indotex Exports too has trained and experienced, English speaking staff that ensures smooth and clear communication. Indotex Exports does not get into a contract without a clear understanding of requirements and without ensuring that both parties are on the same page.
  • Having been in the denim export business for so long, Indotex Exports already has the right logistic contacts to ensure timely delivery and their track record over all these years speaks for itself. They even have deep knowledge of customs and other requirements for the countries they trade with.
  • Indotex Denims does not believe in red tape. You do not need to pay middlemen, nor do you need to go through layers and layers of decision-makers to get into an agreement. Indotex Exports has truly implemented the ‘ease of doing business’ concept within the organization.

Buy Denim Fabric from the Leading Denim Manufacturers in India

Indotex Exports should be your preferred denim manufacturer and exporter if you want timely deliveries, quality denim with customization, fabrics that meet all specifications, denim that is sustainable and more. Indotex Exports have a huge production capacity that can meet any demand. You can find out more about Indotex exports here (link to the home page).

Indotex Exports also makes it super easy for you to make inquiries. Just fill out the form here (link to contact page) and click submit. Someone from Indotex will then contact you. Indotex Exports provides samples from its huge product catalog, and also offers custom swatches for products that are customized to client requests. This makes it super easy to make a decision on whether Indotex Exports is the perfect denim supplier and manufacturer for you.

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