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Importing Denim Fabric? Why India Denim Exporter?


The Indian denim market is robust and growing, making its own name as a top contributor to Indian exports. And why not, if trends are anything to be believed, India is truly an emerging denim hub and already meets the demands of global brands


So if you are still on the fence about why an India denim exporter should be on your list while importing denim fabric, let’s hope this article seals the deal for you.


Indian Denim Market


Since the denim manufacturing started in India, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Today several big and small players make this industry a top contributor to India’s export numbers. And despite competition from Bangladesh and Pakistan, India still holds the competitive edge in terms of quality products, affordable prices, modern technology and sustainability. And though currently only about 35 percent of the total denim manufactured in India is exported to the global market it is already worth noting that denim counts for about 40 percent of total exports in the country. 


With better technology, increased production capacity and more streamlined production, the Indian denim industry is still on an uptick despite COVID slumping market demand worldwide. It has thus far and will continue a shining star of the story of the Indian textile.


Why Should American & European Countries Source Denim Fabric from Indian Suppliers?


With just raw data, the answer to this question seems simple enough, but even if American and European countries were to look individually at each parameter, Indian denim suppliers would come on top for several key denim parameters and here are some of them.


Cost Benefits & Market Access


India is both a huge denim manufacturer and also a huge denim market in itself. Not only are there significant cost savings on the actual denim fabric or apparel when American and European countries place orders with Indian denim manufacturers but there is a big cost saving through another angle as well.


Since India is a big market in itself, global brands such as GAP, H&M and others can make ancillary savings on getting their ‘made in India’ denim products to sell in the Indian market itself at their local stores. This gives them access to India’s huge denim demand minus the logistics, transport and shipping hassles of having to bring in the products from elsewhere.


For products to be sold in the American and European markets too, the costs of getting denim products from manufacturers in India is so competitively low, that brands can still make significant profits even when shipping and other expenses are added on to the costs.


Denim Quality


As global demand moves to more refined types of denim, fabrics with finer textures, superior shades and finishes and value-additions like prints are the need of the hour. As Indian denim manufacturers continue to evolve and come forth with better blends and better offerings, they are better suited to cater to this shift in demand specifications.


Sustainability and Environment-Friendliness


The textile industry is notoriously environmentally damaging, and denim manufacturing is especially known for its high water consumption. This has given to rise in demand for greener, more sustainable denim fabrics, that India is poised to make an opportunity out of. Several denim manufacturers in India are already turning to sustainable washing methods and water-less washing techniques. Sustainable denim is already on a rise with manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India.


Social Stability


Unlike countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, India is a stable democracy. Things like military coups and nationwide strikes are unlikely in the real sense. Hence, companies from Europe and America can expect their demand to be met on time with no disruptions and logistical anomalies if they source their denim from India. The costs associated with these uncertainties are very high if such events do take place, hence finding a supplier who is unlikely to be impacted by such social and political events is a great pick indeed, especially when the other choices are all fairly volatile still.


Production Capacity


Despite the volumes of denim pushed out by denim manufacturers in India, both for local and for export demand, it is said that India has a lot of production capacity still not used to its full potential. This means, that should large orders be required or if orders require scaling, Indian manufacturers of denim are in the best position to scale up and increase production capacities faster than others.


This production capacity increase also encompasses the capacity of meeting tailored demands or demands for custom designs and fabrics. Whether it is laser printed denim or hand-painted denim, or any unique blend of denim for that matter, Indian denim production houses can handle the requirement and come up with solutions that match, and fast too.



All in all, when compared to the other denim supplier options for the import of denim, Indian denim manufacturers provide the safest bet for good quality denim products at affordable prices and reliable deliveries to Europe and America.


Top Textile Exporter of Denim Materials from India


There are certainly some big names that can be counted as the top denim fabric exporters from India but several industry veterans, who have been in business for decades, are also entering the exports race with good products, competitive pricing and features such as sustainability, customizations and more.


One such industry veteran is Indotex Exports. The company has just completed 50 years in the business of quality denim services from design and production to delivery. This top denim manufacturer in India is already a seasoned exporter, with existing clients in the UK, US, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, and Bangladesh among others. 


Indotex holds a slight edge over other denim suppliers and exporters not just because of its proven track record but also because of its multi-product catalogue, openness to custom orders and design preferences, and a complete ethical commitment to sustainability. You can read more about Indotex’s special features here.

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