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7 Things That Can Go Wrong if You Pick the Wrong Denim Fabric Supplier

Picking a good, reliable and ethical denim fabric supplier is harder than you think. There are so many to choose from, there are so many aspects to look out for and there are so many variables and risks, especially if you are looking to try a new one.

If you have no clue as to how to go about picking the perfect denim fabric wholesaler or denim fabric vendor for your business, you can start by checking out one of our earlier posts on what to look out for when picking the right denim fabric supplier for your business.

And if you have already made a rough pick or are almost about to reach a decision on the denim fabric vendors you have shortlisted, read on to know about the risks involved in the decision. Here are 7 things that could go wrong if you pick the wrong denim fabric supplier; 7 things that will highlight the risks or pitfalls of choosing the wrong one in fact.

1) Supplier has gone bankrupt

New businesses don’t always survive the first few years. If you’ve picked a new and small business, the statistics are dismal. They say that just about 66 percent survive the first two years. Now, this may not happen to you, but you need to be aware of the risks.

So if when you are looking for a denim supplier, especially a new one, look how deep their pockets are. Try to assess their survivability, and their ability to service your needs before you make your pick. After all, textiles are quite a financially demanding business and a business with deep pockets has a better likelihood of surviving the cyclical nature of market demand.

If your supplier goes bankrupt and suddenly cannot complete your order, you can encounter big losses not just in terms of costs as well as in terms of timelines.

2) Supplier unable to deliver on time

Sometimes there are production delays, and this is true irrespective of whether the supplier is new or old, whether the denim consignment is big or small. The risk of delayed delivery is thus something every business must be ready to accept as part and parcel of what comes with doing business.

But ensuring that these risks are less by picking the right wholesaler or supplier for your denim raw material needs definitely helps in the long run. A few things to look out for in this regard are:

a) Past history of orders and customer reviews

b) Business duration and stage (how long has the supplier been in business) 

3) Supplier unable to deliver as per specifications

This one is usually a risk when you intend to order custom denim such as printed denim or denim that require a specific colour or process. Since most denim manufacturers already have ready, set processes for any regular denim needs, but for any hybrid or novel orders, there may be issues related to meeting all specifications to client requirements.

One of the ways to mitigate this particular risk is to order smaller consignment sizes initially, till you are sure that the products you receive are exactly as per your specs.

4) Supplier sends the wrong material

Now, this is a pure error. It is not an error in understanding the client specifications, nor an error in the actual products. It is simply an error where you get sent out a different consignment than what was meant and kept ready for you.

This error is easily corrected and the only real loss in this is the loss of time. So while the supplier is sorting out these issues, you just have to sit tight and bear the time delay that you will now have to bear. There may be times where you bear the ancillary costs arising out of these delays, since it may, in the end, delay your final product and your commitments.

5) Supplier sends defective material

Sometimes things go shady and you may end up with the wrong end of the stick. This happens in cases where you receive bad denim or denims with defects. Maybe the stone wash isn’t right and the denim fabric has worn out, for example. Or maybe you ordered printed denim but the print is not done right, or the colours or off.

Whatever the case may be, defective denim materials can amount to big losses for your business. You might have to take up a legal dispute with the supplier and prove your claim to be recompensed. In addition, there are issues related to delays here as well, even if the supplier agrees to the there being an issue and decides to take back the defective denim and deliver a fresh consignment.

6) Goods lost or delayed in transit

Here’s another of the risks that cannot actually be purely blamed on your hiring the wrong supplier. It is more of a chance really unless the supplier has a penchant for trying to save money by using non-standard, non-reputed delivery agents. When your denim consignment has been completed by the supplier and shipped out to you, there are chances of delivery delays or even the consignment encountering an accident so getting lost or stolen.

This of course means losses for both, your denim supplier as well as for you yourself. And sadly, other than checking your client’s delivery agents or dictating that they use your delivery agents in your business contract, there is very little you can do to mitigate this risk.

7) Supplier has cheated the client

The worst thing that can happen to you if you choose the wrong supplier for your denim material needs is you being cheated. It could be a dummy company set up to cheat you, or it could be a legit company with unscrupulous managers. Whatever the case may be, you may be defrauded off of your money and left without any denim consignment at all.

The only way to avoid this extreme loss is to pick your denim material supplier wisely and after thorough research. Click here to check the 7 things you need to look out for so that you make that wise pick. 

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